It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men. ~CS Lewis

I am so excited to be a part of a new season of worship here at First McKinney. I believe God’s people are at our greatest when we focus fully on HIM through private and corporate worship. This focus reminds us who He is and who we are in Him.

You may have heard recently, we are making changes to the presentational approach of our corporate worship. While intentional as they may be these methodological changes are to help you and others connect with the one and only, Jesus Christ. My desire is for you to find peace, inspiration, hope, and to be reminded of His vision for your life. Moving forward we will have the Lord’s Supper once per month to reinforce the remembrance of His sacrifice and our redemption. The scriptures call this “breaking the bread” together and it is a Christ-centric practice essential to our faith.

Let me challenge all of us as a worshipping body. There are so many questions and often too many opinions when it comes to the topic of worship. Most of our personal preferences are just that, personal preferences. How a person looks in general on the platform, the lighting, the sound, the song selections and style are all tools to help the experience occur. At the same time they can be distractions if we let them take priority over the core value of worshipping God. Guard your heart not to miss God for a preference.

In his book Worship Quest, Steven Brooks states,
“Anyone who looks to the bible for a specific pattern or approach to worship will be disappointed. In fact, the opposite is true. Worship varies according to culture, location and time period.”

We are making adjustments now and in the future simply to be more effective as a worshipping body.  Let me encourage you to come each week fully prepared to participate. Remember, worship is a verb! Prepare your mind and heart for God in the moments before we gather.

When the service begins

God wants to meet with you during the Sunday corporate experience. As a community of faith it is our “pep-rally’ for the week ahead. Bring all you have and let Him have His way—-I believe then you will experience His presence and discover “authentic worship.”

Dr. Myron Wilson
Worship Pastor