Hello Church Family,

If you’ve been on campus anytime over the last few weeks, you have likely noticed that we have many remodeling projects going on. As always, the reason we must keep our facilities up to date is to reach our community for Jesus! When guests come onto our campus, we want them to have a great experience. Additionally, we want to be able to serve our church members and frequent attenders as they grow in their relationship with Christ. From time to time, that will mean that things need to be painted, remodeled or cleaned up. Thank you for your patience as we make these important adjustments!

So with that said, I am excited to share with you all of the progress we have made and tell you a little bit about the purpose for each of the changes you may see. Let’s take a quick tour:

Chapel – Beginning August 21 we will offer a Traditional Chapel service both hours so we are making a few improvements to provide an incredible experience. There will be a preview service on August 7.

The Chapel remodel is moving along nicely. This week the builders were able to enclose the new stage storage areas. YEAH! We no longer have to hide our clutter on the side of the stage with the wood screens and it gives us great storage space. The builders also squared up the front of the stage, giving us more platform area. The screen will be relocated to the front of the platform and then finish with fresh paint and hardwood flooring.

Discipleship Center – Beginning August 21 the Middle School will begin meeting during both hours for the sake of families and guests and this will be their Sunday morning space.

We’ve added a stage to the east wall, and made room for a second TV to hang. We still have stage carpet to install, barn doors to hang, and fresh paint throughout the room

Welcome Center – This week, our talented in-house maintenance team and a group of volunteers began construction on the new Welcome Center. The new Welcome Center is located closer to the Worship Center, which will make it easier for guests to find and meet Pastor Richard after the services. It will be wrapped with glass windows and have dual sliding glass doors for entry to allow for a more “approachable” feel. When completed, the room will also have new floors and fresh paint. The Hospitality room will become the Next Steps room and will continue to serve as a place for guests to join the church or pray with one of our counselors. We will also replace the floors in the Next Steps room to match the Welcome Center.

Fireside Room – Beginning August 21, the Fireside Room will serve as Volunteer Central on Sunday and a staff team room during the week.

The Fireside Room remodel will likely be complete in just another week. When complete, the room will serve as our headquarters for Guest Services on Sunday morning. The room will also function as a space for our staff to hold conference meetings and do some weekly team building. Our current conference room only seats 14 people but we often have meetings in our conference room with 20+ people in the room. The new space will allow us to continue leading and growing our ministry together with a little more elbow room!

Interior and Exterior Signage – When you join us this Sunday, look around and you will notice all the new signage being installed across our campus. The new signage includes new room plaques, interior directional signage, and more exterior signage to help guide our guest around the campus. The signage installation will take another couple weeks to complete. We are ‘the church with many doors’ and working to be guest & member friendly to navigate.

Children’s Building Refresh – Our Children’s Building has received the attention it deserves! The beige walls are disappearing and new vibrant colors are being painted on. This week the painter’s have completed the upstairs hallways and begun painting the stairwells. Next week they will complete the foyers and work on the other 3 stairwells and children’s theater. If you don’t normally visit the Children’s Building you need to go see it!

It has been crazy busy, but so fun to see progress on these projects!

Adam Porter
Facilities Director

Facilities Updates

Photos of some of the work being accomplished around First McKinney